Escondido California Embassy Suites Hotel

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Conveniently located off Interstate 5 and Highway 805, it is an easy ride to all of San Diego's attractions, including the California State Capitol, the National Park Service and many other attractions. The Embassy Suites hotel in Escondido, California, United States of America is one of the best hotels in the entire state of California and can be enjoyed year-round. It is conveniently located between Highway 5 and Highway 905, just a short drive from all major tourist attractions in and around the city.

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If you want to shop, the famous San Diego Convention Center is right across the street from the largest convention center in the United States.

For guests who wish to enjoy a wide selection of dishes from a varied menu from the comfort of their suite, the restaurant is available. Miss Busy Bee Cleaning Service offers professional cleaning services and we have other places where you can pamper your children from head to toe. Bring along the wellness centre for massages, manicures and pedicures, massage therapy or other wellness services.

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For more information, contact Tina and Marie at (888) 662-5555 or (800) 543-8477 or directly on their website.

If you have received an offer email for a specific title, you must confirm your title by paying the national registration fee for that title. Reservations are guaranteed for a minimum of two (2) nights at the Escondido California Embassy Suites Hotel.

Your contribution to is treated with the utmost respect and reflects your commitment as a guest of our hotel. We are proud to support the Escondido California Embassy Suites Hotel and its guests, and we are grateful for your generous donations to our hotel and the health and well-being of our guests. You know that we support our hotels and their guests with our generous donations for their health and well-being.

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More About Escondido